Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Fuels Our Stories

Diversity and Inclusion at Turner is AUTHENTIC, distinctive voices both on and off the air. It’s people who SPEAK UP, confront the status quo and EMBRACE CHANGE. And it’s cultivating an environment that encourages every Turner employee to… CHOOSE DIFFERENT.

We’re proud of who we are today and openly acknowledge that we’re putting measures in place to do better in reflecting and representing the world around us.

Diversity is Our Business Imperative

"Hiring and growing a wide range of diverse voices and perspectives, in front of and behind the camera, is critical to our success as a global media company. If we want to truly and deeply connect with fans around the world, we need to be an authentic reflection of who they are."

-John Martin, Chairman and CEO, Turner
Alanta Pride Parade

Turner Taking Action

Diversity and inclusion is the backbone of our fans-first strategy and our commitment to making Turner a great place to work. To become an authentic reflection of our audiences, we’re focusing on activities and initiatives like increasing our presence at industry events like South by Southwest (SXSW) and minority journalism conventions to grow our talent pipeline, and creating leading-edge development opportunities for our employees and leaders.

To help understand unconscious bias – one of diversity’s toughest challenges – we launched specialized training for employees around the globe. We believe identifying unconscious bias is a critical skill we can all use to choose different, to build deeper connections, and to gain a better understanding for one another’s perspectives and life experiences. Ultimately, we believe in building high performing teams that use their natural differences to enhance our inclusive culture.

Leading Women of Comedy and Drama

By 2020 we commit to...

  • Increase Turner’s representation of women and people of color in overall leadership roles.
  • Increase diversity among writers, directors, product developers, and the creative teams behind our stories.
  • Expand our partnerships with diversity focused non-profits and industry groups to boost their influence and expand our talent pipeline.
  • Incorporate independent rankings from recruiters, non-profits, and industry groups to better measure and benchmark our progress.

Business Resource Groups

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) allow our employees opportunities to connect with colleagues who share similar interests and backgrounds. These groups use their collective spirit to help propel our business forward. Learn more about Turner’s BRGs.

Turner Uno


By working closely with our partners, we hope to promote stronger dialogue and diversity in the industry’s pipeline of emerging voices.